Monday, May 24, 2010


Sorry I have not posted in a while. Between therapies and every day life sometimes it can be rather difficult. I am having a major case of the Blahs today. As many of you know, Mason said Thank You to one of his teachers about a week ago. It was clear as a bell. No, I have not heard it since.

Most days I am on top of the world and the most positive person you will ever encounter. Other days are really, really, hard for me. I generally feel we will beat this confusing puzzle called Autism. Today is not one of those days for me. I know it is in him some where and it is such a challenge to get through to him. I get terrified that I am in some kind of denial and am having false hope. I know that this is just the normal process of grieving for my son. I am only human.

He continues to be his usual happy and fun loving self and for that I have to remind myself to be eternally grateful. Today is a 2 hour therapy day for Mason. We have started ABA therapy in addition to his speech and occupational therapies. This cover a multitude of things for him. Speech, sensory, and mainly behavior. All of his therapies have been increased. We will meet with his service coodinater on Weds along with his therapists. I am going to keep on pushing and plodding along. I will ask for the maximum amount of therapy that I can possibly get. With the First Steps program, the kiddos are covered by the state until they are 3. It is such a blessing to be in a state that has this program.

Masons last day of school was last week. It is so hard to part with the teachers he had. While this was in no way a specialized training school, he had two incredible teachers who really took the time to work with him. They were amazing. I am so glad that his final gift was to say "Thank You" to them. It is priceless to me and I am sure to them as well.

Even though I am having a bit of a day, I do want you to know how quickly these days can turn around. One little action, be it eye contact, doing a task, or maybe trying to say something. It can be the biggest and most awesome feeling in the world. My day can change so quickly so please don't think I am whining. I still am the same positive person that you all know!

I do want to say, that if you have a child with a disability of any sort. Get help ! Find a support group, get therapy. Do whatever you have to do to help yourself and your child. I have an awesome therapist and a wonderful support network. It is out there some where. You just might have to dig a little bit. Of course , I am always here and willing to help you find resources . Please feel free to contact me at any time. If I can just help one person, this journey will be worth it!!!!

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  1. My mom works for Early Intervention as did I for 3 years. I know from our experiences what a special thing it is to make a breakthrough like his "Thank you" and if his teachers are anything like my mom they went home a shed a tear of joy over it. It is so amazing what this program can do for children and their families and I wish more people had access to it.