Friday, May 7, 2010

As I have said before, there are so many new things and opportunties happening for us, that I have to bounce back and forth. Today we have a new Speech Therapist coming. She is also trained to work with sensory issues as well. I cannot wait to meet her. But I need to tell you more about Mason and how we got to where we are.

Rose made sure that we had some evaluations done through Missouris First Steps program. A wonderful program, BTW. We had to go through all of the motions beginning with a hearing check. (We could only wish it was hearing related. He has had tubes since he was 5 months old ) They are very thorough in evaluating your child. I wish every state had them to work with.

It was very recommended that we start speech therapy as quickly as possible. We started in Jan. Unfortunatley, Mason is a fly by the pants little guy. He honestly cannot sit still for 30 seconds. You could'nt even get through 2 pages of a picture book with him. Discouraging for me. I was an avid reader before kindergarten. The therapist asked if it was okay to bring in an Occupational Therapist.

Fine with me! I had been getting so frustrated. I would hear about everyone elses baby bringing them books, etc and it would kill me them be able to share them with Mason. Maybe she had the answers we were looking for.

Enter Stephanie. She literally walked in and calmed my son with pressure techniques. While I filled out another endless evaluation , she was applying ankle weights and a weighted vest to my son. How odd can this be ? He was suddenly grounded, and actually sat for the speech Therapist to work with him.

We found out the next week that he had Sensory Intregation Dysfunction. On the Hyp0-sensitive side. I will post a link for this as soon as I can figure it out. It is quite interesting to read about. Basically with Mason, everything hits him at one time. Sights, sounds, smells. You get the picture ? He cannot seperate these into one thing which is a whirlwind of things going through him at all times. Great! We had an answer here. We can just figure this out and he will be okay.

But there is more.....

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  1. Nanc, my son was diagnosed with SID when he was 7. I had wondered up until then if he had some high functioning form of autism but some of the most common earmarks for it weren't present in him. Mine is now 21 yrs old; sometime we can sit & compare.