Saturday, May 8, 2010

With SID and a non-verbal child, you never know what the day might bring. It is so difficult to anticipate Masons needs on a daily basis. Some days it is quite humorous, and some days it is so very frustrating. He has some rather odd issues with things. Learning those needs is a difficult task. Some days he needs deep pressure on his head and body to calm him. Other days he may need bouncing or vibration techniques. Eating is ALWAYS an issue with him. Textures and flavors can be challenging.

Mason can literally look at things and gag and vomit. Dry macaroni noodles, and cereal with milk ( like Wheaties and Honey Bunches Of Oats ) are a few of the things that he has seen and vomited just from looking at them. It is very hard to understand, but facsinating at the same time. I will post a few of his therapy tools soon so you can see what we have in our daily repetoire. (sp)?

I will say this, he has always been a climber and he does this with grace. A lot of children on the Spectrum are known to be clumsy. He really is not. He can run like you would not believe and climb the highest of high. We have had to confiscate so many things in our home because of this. He is quite taken by lights and ceiling fans. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

In our living room we have a ceiling fan and of course light switches. We had to remove our end table beacause of the climbing to turn these on and off. Well, he figured that he would just climb on the arm of the sofa to get to them. We moved that sofa twice. His next move was to pull up his cozy coop and climb on the window and the roof of it to get to the switches. Never mind that it is on wheels, that does not affect him either. (total dare-devil ). Cozy coop gone! It is now outside. Score one for Mommy!

That being said, on to the kitchen table. Our table is higher than counter height, so it would definatley be a challenge for him. Not Mace. Next came the high chair. Did you know that they can climb up the back as well at the front? I certainly had no idea. Where ther is a will, there is a way. High chair gone! Now we use a booster seat and all of the chairs have to be put on top of the table after meals. (The other 3 chairs are conveniently located in various bedrooms )

On to my kitchen Island. Mason recieved a 3 in one trike for Easter. (stingy Mommy did not give him the option of candy ) Lord help us if he was on a sugar high. The trike was great.............. for climbing on the seat and getting on the island that is. This was also confiscated. Our newest addition to the climbing has been the crib. Mason can now get out of that as well. We opted not to try a crib tent since he would definatley pick a fight with that one as well. They seem a bit dangerous to me.

We are now into a toddler bed. Naptime has been pure hell. The boy who is first to take a nap at school now won't go down until 3-4 p.m. We have installed a 36" high gate and have removed everything from his room. Of course we forgot the blinds, diaper pail, and wipe warmer. Next will be the glider and ottoman. I am starting to use structure and routine now. Play it out instead of cry it out here. (even though the toys are not accsessible) I found him sleeping on the floor this afternoon. But it did work.

Will keep you all posted . I have tried to blog since Sat. but it is hard to get it in latley. There's plenty more and new things going on here all of the time. I sure do love this boy of mine!!


  1. I feel for you with the climbing! Konner has been climbing out of his crib since LAST January (yep, 6m old!) and we are getting ready to make the transition since he now jumps off it. We have the same crib too although Konner must be quite a bit shorter than Mason since he can't swing his leg up and uses pure arm strength. We do the booster thing too. It makes me feel better to know someone else has a monkey child too. Thank you for sharing your experiences with cute little Mason. I plan on recommending your blog to a friend who just received a diagnosis of Autism for her little guy.

  2. wow! what a climber! you have your hands full with that!! they will find a way when their minds are made up on getting something!
    my sister put my mom's barstools up on the counter last weekend while we were visiting, same reason. i predict that will have to happen for quite a while during our visits~!