Saturday, June 5, 2010

I really need to attempt to get in here more often. I keep missing so many little rewards that I need to post. Mason has started his new school this past week and I think it will work out very well for him. Of course "Mama" was a nervous wreck. I just kept thinking of how hard it must be for him to not be able to communicate his needs to new people. He will have his speech therapy on Thurs, and OT on Tues while at school. He gets additional therapy at home on Mondays and Weds. ABA therapy on MON & Weds, and Speech and OT on Weds as well. I know it may seem like quite a bit, but I have the most incredible team working with him. All have a playful approach and are on the same page. We are so very fortunate for this.

Mason has not yet repeated his "Thank You" that I am dying to hear yet. He did say "shoe" to my buddy Cassie, but I have not heard it yet either. It seems like he likes the word "Go" the most and uses it constanly. I know I need to just be patient, it will all come out eventually. I have taught him to make kissy sounds and it is so adorable! He seems to like funny noises and imitating things better than proper speech. The food issues are still a major problem, but we do have an incredible idea up our sleeves. ( which I will film and post when this occurs ) Here is a kissing video for you!

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